Trail Access Warning

Access to ride Squaw Valley is limited each week to Friday through Sunday due to heavy equipment movement during construction. Riders should call the Tevis office 24 hours before riding at Squaw Valley so that we can alert the dispatchers at Squaw Valley that horses will be traversing up the mountain. Do NOT pre-ride at Squaw Valley Monday through Thursday.

Update 6-19-2014


Susan Smyth from the Ride and Tie Association stopped by the office and made a $1,000 donation to our trails funds.  The money was raised in the Ride and Tie event held in Cool May 24th.  The Ride and Tie association is working to bring riders and runners together on behalf of our trails.

There are only 5 more free entries for junior riders remaining. Thank you EasyCare!

There are no more availabilities for reservation to camp in the North Lot during the weekend of the ride.

Photos courtesy Lynne Glazer Imagery


from the

Western States Board of Governors

"The Tevis Cup: A Horsemen''s Journey Since 1955"

The Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF) welcomes you to an endurance riding event of distinction, recognized as one of the world''s best tests of true horsemanship.

The Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event of its kind in the world. Today, there are hundreds of endurance riding events throughout the nation and in many countries overseas that are based upon the methods and standards originally established by this event. This includes the modeling of national organizations which sanction similar endurance riding events.