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Western States Board of Governors

"The Tevis Cup: A Horsemen''s Journey Since 1955"

The Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF) welcomes you to an endurance riding event of distinction, recognized as one of the world''s best tests of true horsemanship.

The Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event of...read more

Technology Meets the Tevis

NEW for 2016!


GPS tracking available for every rider

Check out the test run at Wild West  on Saturday, June 18th 


$40 fee per rider

More Information here

Become a 2016 Signature Rider!

We wish to thank those riders who have signed up this year as signature riders. We would like to encourage others to do so also. We know you do it for love of the trail and to help support the ongoing  preservation of it. We have a wonderful signature rider package this year due to many generous donations with a retail value of over a thousand dollars. We are also privileged to have Pat Stoddard Aragon do a head portrait of each signature rider’s horse.

A little about Pat: She has spent a lifetime of painting, drawing and living ‘anything western’. Pat’s equine portraits hang in homes all across the U.S.A. and as far away as England. Horses are her favorite subject. She works in the pastel medium most often because it lends itself so well to the animal’s softness and expression, but she is very adept at portraying her animal subjects in  oils, pencil or colored pencil or watercolor. She has professionally handled commissions for animal portraits for over 30 years. She will be doing a 12”x16”  image in pastel or pencil for our signature riders. we are very excited about this as she has a history of working with a legendary Tevis rider! Thank you Pat.

 Arab charcoal  Tevis005 copy  Tevis Art

CalStar    Cal Star Brochure Cal Star Membership Form

When you are injured and minutes are critical, CALSTAR (California Shock Trauma Air Rescue) your local non-profit, community service, air ambulance is there to provide rapid air transport and life saving medical care. Medical research has shown that critical patients, who receive trauma treatment within the "golden hour" of an accident, have greater chances of survival, increased recovery and shorter hospital stays. CALSTAR delivers critical patients by helicopter to the closest appropriate trauma hospital, with in flight patient care provided by two certified Critical Care Nurses. All CALSTAR pilots have a minimum of 3,000 flying hours and have the experience to fly and land in remote areas.


ECAHS Awards Tevis Cup Entry Form Sm 
The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society is recognizing the first to finish Crabbet bred Arabian horse in the 2016 Tevis. Applications are available here, and horses must be per-entered and pre-qualified with ECAHS to be eligible. Please inquire with Buzz Moore at fairfieldfarm@verizon.net for more information





With escrow closed, 10,000-acre purchase area near Granite Chief Wilderness opens to public, preserving Tevis and Western States events on historic Western States Trail

AUBURN, Calif. – A year-long fundraising and negotiating effort to help the American River Conservancy purchase a strategically vital 10,000-acre parcel for public use has been completed, the Western States Trail Foundation and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation announced on Tuesday. Escrow for the $11 million purchase of old-growth forest and mountain meadows near Granite Chief Wilderness and the Western States Trail closed late last week.

“Both of our boards are extremely pleased that this acquisition has been finalized,” Western States Trail Foundation president Tony Benedetti and Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation president John Trent said in a joint statement. “Opening the entire 100 miles of the Western States Trail to hikers, runners and equestrians has been one of the overriding goals of this effort. Now that this 10,000-acre area has been acquired by the ARC and is no longer a private holding, the public is the clear winner. Both the Tevis Cup 100-Mile Ride and the Western States 100-Mile Run will now have perpetual guaranteed access to the last privately-held section of the Western States Trail, ensuring no disruption for the future of either event. In addition, the acquisition now enables the United States Forest Service to complete its National Trail designation for the Western States Trail.”

The ARC, of Coloma, Calif., having partnered with Northern Sierra Partnership of Palo Alto, Calif., and the Nature Conservancy earlier this year, was able to reach its fundraising goal of $11 million in late July. Through fundraising and matching efforts of their own, the Western States Trail Foundation ($250,000) and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation ($100,000) contributed to the ARC’s total.

“We are so appreciative for the generosity the Ride and Run communities have shown over the past year,” Benedetti and Trent said jointly. “Our stakeholders have recognized the importance of this project. They’ve stepped up to the plate with donations, and with their overwhelming support in making sure we were able to cross the finish line for this project. It’s been quite an effort over the past year to organize, to raise money, and to make sure that the interests of our stakeholders were well-represented throughout the entire process.”

The 10,000 acres, located immediately west of Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, Calif., had been previously owned by a timber investment firm. It includes 1,200 acres of mountain meadow and is considered a vital part of the State and Federal water delivery system to 23 million Californians. The area includes four “blue-ribbon” trout streams and three popular trails, including the hiking/running and equestrian trail used by the Tevis Cup and Western States 100 events, as well as the Picayune Valley Trail.

Western States Trail Foundation

Western States Endurance Run


Help Preserve the Historic Western States Trail

A primary mission of the Western States Trail Foundation is to preserve the historic route taken by Paiute and Washoe Indians, Gold Rush explorers, Comstock hopefuls, and Express Riders of the Wells Fargo and Adams Express Companies. Today this route provides us with rewards of exploration, challenge, accomplishment, wilderness, nature and a bolstering of spirit for horsemen, hikers and runners alike.

In 1996 the Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation determined the need to establish a permanent endowment fund to insure future funding of maintenance and improvements to the Western States Trail. Please take a moment to read our 2014 endowment brochure and please give what you can to help preserve the Western States Trail.


Financial AppealDonation Form

The Western States Trail Endowment Fund
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization

Rider nameNo.JRCityStCountryHorse nameBreedGndrColorAgeHt.
Allen, Tera 35   Redding CA US Alves Encore (Jazz) American Morgan G Brown 13 15.0
Bacco, Leigh 8   Cool CA US Blaze of Energy (Blaze) Half Arab M Chestnut 7 15.3
Bache, Thomas 37   La Jolla CA US Kenlyn Scarlet Arab M Chestnut 8 14.2
Bailie, Pamela 38   Pilot Hill CA US Macy (Macy) Paint M Sorrel 10 15.3
Banister, Terry 39   Escalante UT US Figerd VF (Ferrari) Arab G Chestnut 0 14.3
Bartusek, Cathy 40   Las Vegas NV US FS Nova Star (Nova) Arab M Bay 13 15.1
Basham, Sue 41   Cheyenne WY US Kismet Cognac (KC) Arab M Bay 7 14.1
Batson, Becky 42   Garden Valley CA US Dx Fires Ember (Ember) Appaloosa M Buckskin 10 14.3
Becker, Drin 43   Polaris MT US CW Ruffian (Ruffy) Arab M Chestnut 15 15.0
Berner, Clara 45 JR Snohomish WA US Benjamin (Benny) Arab/Welsh/Paint G Bay 11 13.2
Birch, Laurie 46   Rosamond CA US Scudd Run (Taz) Arab M Bay 12 15.0
Bishop, Jessica 47   Sheridan CA US Speed Racer (Speedy) Mule G Red 6 15.0
Blakeley, Barrak 48 JR Terrebonne OR US MCM Last Dance Arab G Chestnut 15 16.1
Blakeley, Wasch 50   Terre Bonne OR US Flammable (Hammie) Half Arab G Chestnut 11 15.3
Bown, Andy 51   Midway UT US LS Rowdys Cowboy Cut (Cowboy) Arab Cross G Grey 12 15.3
Bronger, Imke 21   Vaals   Netherlands CA Zanes Darwood (Woody) Anglo Arab G Grey 0 16.2
Brown, William 52   Missoula MT US Tilda Time Comes (Roosevelt) Arab G Grey 10 15.2
Butler, Darolyn 53   Humble TX US DJB Black Al Badi (Diesel) Arab G Black 14 15.0
Campbell, Paula 54   Granite Bay CA US Rushcreek Orin Arab G Grey 12 15.0
Casey-Royal, Diane 55   Alpine CA US Liberty Arab M Bay 10 15.2
Caswell, Jesse 56   Redding CA US Confetti Aubez (Fredie) Arab G Grey 9 15.1
Chambers, Sarah 22   High River AB Canada RW Vendetta (Casey) Arab M Bay 20 15.0
Chappell, Nicole 57   Roseville CA US Golden Knight (G) Friesian X G Buckskin 9 16.1
Chappell, Patricia 58   Rocklin CA US Dusty Starshine Zarif (Dusty) Arab M Bay 8 15.2
Chaton, Karen 59   Gardnerville NV US Pro Bono D (Bo) Arab G Bay 14 15.1
Clark, Ashley 60   Winston GA US Mainguy Bismark Hernes (Cheval) Canadian G Black 14 16.0
Claydon, Peter 61   Buellton CA US KHnight To Remember (Remy) Arab G Bay 15 15.1
Cole, Barry 62   Eskridge KS US RTR Thunder's Hattrack (Hattie) Half Arab M Grey 13 15.1
Cole, Frances 63   SO Lake Tahoe CA US Jullyette (Juliette) Arab M Bay 11 14.0
Conner, Janice 23   Winston GA US Glory S Lovesong (Ali) Arab M Bay 11 15.0
Constanti, Shannon 10   Auburn CA US Dancin Blaze (Blaze) Arab G Chestnut 9 15.0
Corbett, Joyce 64   Jiggi   Australia DJB Cytron JMF (Cytron) Arab G Grey 17 15.0
Cowan, Charles 65   Yacolt WA US MMR Tuff Ballatorie (Blazer) Mustang/Qtr G Red Dun 15 15.3
Creech, Connie 66   Carson City NV US LS Steele Breeze (Breezey) 7/8 Arab M Grey 12 15.0
Cukjati, Jacob 68   North San Juan CA US Miamis Kekionga Sha (Keki) Appaloosa M Blue Roan 13 14.2
Dair, Cheryl 70   Rancho Palos Verdes CA US Dodge Mustang G   8 15.0
Davidson, Jane 24   Woodford Island   Australia VA Southern Gentleman (General Lee) Arab G Grey 8 14.2
Davidson, Peggy 71   San Juan Baustista CA US Dakota Midnight (Dakota) Arab G Bay 13 15.0
Davidson, Samuel 72   San Juan Baustista CA US Grate Balls Afire (Fire) Arab G Chestnut 12 15.2
De Boer, Willemina 73   Hico TX US SMR Filouette (Filouette) Arab M Chestnut 11 14.3
DeFrancesco, Katie 74   Telluride CO US Koala Dee Saffire (Saffy) Arab G Chestnut 9 14.1
Dobrovolny, Lorna 75   Newcastle CA US Rainbow Bey (Rainey) Arab M Bay 15 15.0
Donley, John 76 JR Palm Dessert CA US My Manselle (Miya) Arab M Chestnut 9 15.0
Donley, Karen 78   Palm Desert CA US Samsarah (Sam) Arab M Bay 7 15.0
Downey, Roger 79   Corrales NM US Candyman Mule G Brown 10 14.3
Dugan, John 25     Q Australia DJB Boomer Arab X G Bay 11 15.2
Dumas, Crockett 80   Escalante UT US OT Sara Moniet RSI (Sara) Arab M Chestnut 0 15.2
Dutcher, Dakota 81   Carson City NV US Tuff Stuff (Tuffy) Hal Arab G   0 15.3
Edman, Kathleen 82   Florence MT US Pierce the Veil (Pierce) Kentucky Mt G Chocolate 0 16.0
Elias, Michael 83   Dewey AZ US LC Nobelest (Nobel) Shagya G Grey 0 15.3
Ellinwood, Carrie 84   Loomis CA US MJ Batman Forever (Shonee) HAHR/WSH G Bay Pinto 17 15.0
Esler, Janine 85   Granite Bay CA US AC Hook (Hooky) Arab G Bay 18 15.0
Fairbanks, Leslie 86   Elk Grove CA US Handsom Leader (Handsom) Arab G Grey 12 15.2
Farkas, Molly 87   Colton OR US Whisper Karyoka Appoloosa M   13 0.0
Felton, Beth 88   Pilot Hill CA US Varoom       0 0.0
Felton, Kadee 89 JR Pilot Hill CA US Shawford (Willie)       0 0.0
Fenger, John 90   Jamestown CA US Blk Magic Pryvate Party (Party) Pinto Arab G Blk/Wht 11 15.2
Finston, Sharon 91   San Rafael CA US Patrick's Fire (Patrick) Arab X G Bay 7 15.0
Fleming, Clare 26   Inverell   Australia Junior Cahr       0 0.0
Ford, Garrett 5   Durango CO US The Fury (Fury) Arab G Grey 0 15.3
Ford, Lisa 92   Durango CO US GE Cyclone (Cyclone) Arab G Bay 12 15.1
Freiberg, Walter 93   Paynesville MN US Chazz (Chazz) Arab M Chestnut 0 15.2
Fretelliere, Sandra 94   Brooklin NY US Rushcreek Seth (Seth) Arab G Grey 8 15.1
Gabri, Nanci 69   Foresthill CA US Ringo Arab G Bay 7 15.0
Gaponoff, Sharma 95   Grass Valley CA US Xtreme Pride (Tahoe) Arab G Chesnut 12 16.0
Gasner, Dana 96   New Ulm MN US Jerico (Jerico) Grade Morgan G Chestnut 15 15.1
Gerhard, Andrew 98   Meadow Vista CA US TSF Fools Gold (Pyrite) Anglo Arab G Bay 16 15.3
Grant, Danny 27   New Westminster   Canada SS Picoboo   G   0 0.0
Greggor, Jennifer 99   Novato CA US Cartanyen (Tanyen) Arab G Grey 10 15.0
Gregson, Martin 33   The Oaks   Australia BA Resolute (Gulliver) Arab G Black 11 15.1
Hackley, Bryce 100 JR Foresthill CA US Don't Be Shai (Shai) Arab G Chestnut 11 15.1
Hall, Gina 102   Carson City NV US Fire Mt. Destiny (D) 7/8 Arab G Chestnut 15 15.3
Hall, Hal 11   Auburn CA US CR Rohbellion (Robie) Arab G Chestnut 12 15.3
Hallmark, Patricia 103   Loomis CA US ZeFiro (Tug) Arab G   0 0.0
Hammeren, Lene 34   Mogreina   Norway SMR FiFi D'OR (FiFi) Arab M Chestnut 14 14.2
Harris, Melissa 104   Shingle Springs CA US Sol Del Vaiente (Bailey) Arab G Bay 0 14.2
Hastie, Clydea 6   Scottsdale AZ US C R Zebra Splash (Zeb) Half Arab G Dun 13 15.2
Hasumi, Seiichi 28   Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo   Japan TS Diamond Chip (Chip) Arab G Chocolate Bay 11 15.2
Hatfield, Shellie 14   Roseville CA US Splashes Maskrade (Elmo) Arab G Chestnut 15 14.2
Hefker, Marcia 106   Raton NM US Hindi Bint Samia (Cita) Arab M Grey 11 15.0
Herten, Jeff 107   San Luis Obispo CA US TCF Perfect Knight (Sancho) Arab G Bay 10 15.3
Hiiesalu-Bain, Diana 108   Auburn CA US Khemali'i (Ali'i) Arab G Bay 14 14.2
Himanka, Marcelle 109   Alamogordo NM US Natta Lotta Gold (Junior) Arab G Grey 16 14.1
Himanka, Phillip 110   Alamogordo NM US DH Aref (Aref) Arab S Chestnut 7 15.0
Hites, Karen 111   Gladstone MI US Mulik EL Hawa (Mulik) Arab G Grey 19 14.3
Hoalst, Dean 112   Walla Walla WA US Red Wing of Courage (Rocket) Arab G Bay 16 15.0
Hobbs, Bill 113   West Jordan UT US HL Aces Charm (Charm) Arab Cross M Chestnut 8 15.0
Hofstrand, Tracy 114   Campbell CA US FLF Forever Champion (Wyatt) Half-Arab G Grey 10 15.2
Holden, Denese 115   Granite Bay CA US RTR Cinnamon Rose (Lucky) Half Arab M Bay 11 15.1
Horn, Devan 116   Kingwood TX US SW Malaia (Mal) Arab M Bay 12 13.3
Houle, Judy 117   Grass Valley CA US Sweet BLH Gold (Sweetie) Mustang M Buckskin 14 15.3
Indreland, Karen 119   Auburn CA US Biscuit (Biscuit) Trakehner X G Chestnut 14 15.2
Jones, Cristine 120   Greenbrae CA US JAC Moca 7/8 Arab M   12 0.0
Jones, Susie 121   Miami NM US Wilbur Wunderlust (Willie) Arab G Chestnut 10 14.2
Kaplan, Jennifer 122   Arlee MT US Rushcreek Oats (Oats) Arab G Grey 12 15.2
Keele, Ken 231   Greenwood CA US Ravenwood Teyyorl (T) Arab G Chestnut 12 14.3
Keller, Phyllis 123   Truckee CA US Mattie (Miss Mattie) Mustang M Sorrel 14 14.2
Kimbler, Kelsey 124   Aberdeen SD US Cody Canuck (Cody) Arab G Grey 15 15.3
Kimler, Greg 125   Auburn CA US Echo Valley Hawk (Hawk) Arab G Grey 16 15.3
Kramlich-Bowie, Christina 126   Petaluma CA US TBD       0 0.0
Krauss-Berner, Mary 128   Snohomish WA US Jabasks Little Smokey Arab G Bay 8 0.0
Lalonde, Chloe 129   La Honda CA US Sericko (Rikki) Arab G Chestnut 10 15.2
Lammer, Diana 130   San Rafael CA US Peek-au-Boo-Aubez (Peek-a-Boo) Arab M Sorrel 14 15.0
Lange, Becky 131   Santa Maria CA US Mocha Jack (M) Kentucky Mt G Grey 11 14.0
Larkin, Robert "Joe" 155   Greenwood CA US SQ Allfiredup (Fire Man) Arab G Bay 15 15.0
Latiolais, Paul 132   Milwaukie OR US Lucero Reedo De Rioto (Pete) Paso Fino G Black 17 15.0
Lew, Shao-Lan 133   Arcata CA US Gunz and Rozes (Gunzy) Arab G Grey 0 14.0
Lynn-Elias, Julia 134   Dewey AZ US Admiral's Cognac (Remy) Arab G Bay 9 15.1
Lyon, Debby 135   S. Luis Obispo CA US Arcade (Cady) Arab G Grey 17 14.3
Maass, Sarah 136   Fairfax MN US GP Cali-Rooz (Cali) Arab M Chestnut 0 15.1
Mahoney, Tennessee 137   Windsor CO US Moxy       0 0.0
Marchant, Leanna 29   Calgary AB Canada Samsons Fire (Sam) 7/8 Arab G Bay 13 15.0
Maynard, Jolynn 139   Lund NV US Carion Regardless (Chessy) Arab M Chestnut 12 14.3
McCombs-Cain, Leah 140   Eagle CO US TAR Pistol Pete +/ (Pete) Arab S Black 9 15.0
McIntosh, Lori 142   Morgan Hill CA US Brumarba Red Shai (Hot Wheels) Arab G Chestnut 10 15.2
McIntosh, Tracy 141   Glidden IA US Amigo Rissar (Amigo) Half-Arab G Blk Bay 14 15.1
McLaughlin, Branka 143   Lone Tree CO US Crown Court (Court) Arab G Chestnut 12 15.0
McLaughlin, Neil 144   Lone Tree CO US Hastyflyers Zeus (The Diesel) Arab G Grey 8 15.0
Medeiros, Matthew 230   Pilot Hill CA US Rushcreek Oladom (Ole') Arab G Bay 12 15.0
Mero, DVM, Jeanette 145   Mariposa CA US Jayel Solo (Solo) Arab G Bay 8 15.2
Miller, Teri 146   Auburn CA US Intrepid SF (Echo) Arab G Bay 11 15.0
Miracle-Jordan, Carrie 147   Corona AZ US JA Jordan Rio Arab G Chestnut 10 14.2
Mongrain, Betsy 148   Romona CA US FS Any Question (Auggie) Arab G Chestnut 8 15.3
Moon, Natalie 151   Shingle Springs CA US Midnight Blue (Blue) Rocky Mt. G Chocolate 8 16.0
Mullen, Sue 152   Landrum SC US Khorvet (Khorvet) Arab G Bay 0 15.2
Murphy-Hackley, Peg 153   Foresthill CA US RT Karah Bez (Kara) Arab M Chestnut 16 15.0
Myers, Kevin 154   Durango CO US Auli Farwa (Far) Arab G Chestnut 12 15.0
Myres, Cheryl 156   Washington UT US Bailadora de Sombras (Jador) Arab/Mustang M Black 8 15.2
Perkins, Molly 157   Vale SD US TS Diamond Doll (Doll) Arab M Bay 11 16.0
Peterson, Patricia 158   Granite Bay CA US MF Frisco Bey (Frisco) Arab G Bay 0 15.2
Powell, Jennifer 159   Redding CA US Ziggy Morgan-Thoroughbred G Sorrel 16 15.1
Pruss, Hannah 160   Piedmont SD US Krusador Arab G Chestnut 10 15.0
Putnam, David 161   Auburn CA US Kontageon Arab G   0 0.0
Rabe, Dave 162   Carson City NV US Whitecloud       0 0.0
Rabow, Zack 163   Truckee CA US RTR Quiet Riot (Coco) Arab M Grey 9 16.0
Rasler, Paula 164   Fall Creek OR US Daint Rose (Roz) Grade M Grey 0 14.2
Raymond, Dale 165   Mira Loma CA US ITA Chicashah Bey (Bey) Arab G Bay 14 15.0
Reed, Brandon 166 JR Grass Valley CA US BA Resemblance       0 0.0
Reissman, Iylla 167   Davenport CA US Suns Shine On (Sunny D) Arab G Bay 7 15.1
Reynolds, Heather 44   Durango CO US Stirgess Arab G Chestnut 7 15.2
Reynolds, Jeremy 32   Durango CO US Cleopatrah (Cleo) Arab M Chestnut 9 15.2
Rezine, Miriam 168   Carmel Valley AZ US MSR Abraham (Abe) Arab G Chestnut 10 15.2
Reznicek, Linda 169   Penn Valley CA US Bono (Bono) TW G Black 10 16.0
Ribley, DVM, Melissa 171   Grass Valley CA US Sacajawea Arab M Bay 12 14.1
Ribley, Robert 170   Grass Valley CA US Mi Esmet Arab G Bay 8 15.0
Riley-Kelley, Erin 172   Auburn CA US Polaris NS Arab G Bay 11 15.2
Robinson, Tammy 173   Saugus CA US Atracksyon FA (Tratracksyon) Arab M Grey 0 14.3
Romo, Trina 229   Greenwood CA US Cecily G (Cissy) Standardbred M Bay 0 15.1
Rougeau, Tami 174   Reno NV US TRS Fancy Saddlelites (Fancy) NSH M Chestnut 14 16.2
Ruggeri, Andre 175   Rancho Palos Verde CA US Falcon JE (Falcone) Arab G Chestnut 9 15.1
Samples, Shelly 177   Alfalfa (Bend) OR US PR Easterdawnstar (Missy) Arab M Bay 15 14.2
Schafer, Daniel 178   Auburn CA US Ray of Hope (Ray) Arab G Chestnut 14 15.3
Schork, Christoph 179   Moab UT US Stars Aflame (Dapple) Arab M Grey 10 14.3
Schuerman, Mark 180   Auburn CA US French Open (Hadeia) Arab G Bay 12 14.2
Schuler, Cassandra 181   Petaluma CA US LV Just Fred (Jiffy) Arab G Bay 10 15.2
Scoville, Dale 182   Auburn CA US Ninja PFF (Ninja) Shagya G Grey 9 15.2
Seider, Ed 183   San Francisco CA US II Remirame (Mira) Arab M Grey 14 15.1
Shefrin, David 184   Paradise Valley AZ US Sabku (Kahn) Arab G Grey 19 15.0
Sheldon, Jennifer 185   Mammoth Lakes CA US Caartouche CS Arab G Chestnut 12 15.1
Sherman, Kathy 186   Auburn CA US Sonny (Sonny) Arab G Chestnut 14 14.1
Sherman, Tara 187   Auburn CA US Max (Max) Arab G Chestnut 15 14.2
Shirley, Jennifer 188   Denver CO US Zorro's Knight (Zorro) Arab G Bay 16 15.2
Sidio, Paul 189   Spokane MO US KMA Chazz Piper (Piper) Arab G Grey 15 14.3
Smith, Jane 190   Mariposa CA US My Anna (Anna) Morab/Appy M Bay 14 14.0
Smith, Jenni 191   Moraga CA US BA Bearcat (Bear) Arab G Bay 16 14.2
Sobey, Veronica 192   Grass Valley CA US Etawna Arab M Chestnut 0 15.1
Souza, Lindsey 193   Grass Valley CA US Andromedabeyns (Andi) Arab M Grey 11 14.3
Spoor, Robert 194   San Rafael CA US Logistic Arab G Chestnut 16 15.3
Stalley, Alyssa 77   Napa CA US MB Triple Bay Bask (Toby) Arab G Bay 8 15.2
Stalley, Jennifer 67   Williams CA US Kez Ima Seykret (Raz) Arab G Grey 16 15.2
Stalley, Pamela 127   Williams CA US PS Crimson Sage (Crimson) Arab M Grey 11 15.2
Stevens, Diane 195   Rio Oso CA US Banderaz LC (Titan) Arab G Rose/Grey 10 15.2
Stewart, Loreley 13   Georgetown CA US LA Bandit (Bandit) Arab G Chestnut 10 15.0
Stutz, Crystal 196   Cochise AZ US Ha Rajah Jantu Arab G Bay 12 14.3
Swan, Bronwyn 197   Berkeley CA US II Much Love (Kizzy) Arab G Chestnut 10 14.3
Sweeny, Cindy 198   Penn Valley CA US Paradigm BL Arab G Chestnut 13 14.3
Taylor, Bill 200   Zanesville OH US BG Rhett (Rhett) Grade G Sorrel 8 15.2
Testa, Vicki 201   Grass Valley CA US Truly an Eaghl (Teddy) Arab G Bay 10 15.2
Thomas, Dillon 202 JR Cool CA US Count OKBA (OKY) Arab G Bay 13 14.0
Thomas, LuAnne 203   Cool CA US SVR Flambeau (Beau) Arab G Chestnut 13 15.0
Toland, Heather 204   Millville CA US Demanding Rikki Racer (Rikki) Morab G Chestnut 8 14.3
Toth, Rusty 205   Durango CO US Farrabba (Stoner) Arab G Chestnut 11 15.1
Toye, Sally 30   Wickham Fareham   UK Double Zell       0 0.0
Trefethen, Ruth-Diane 206   Mariposa CA US French Quarter (Peekaboo) Arab G Bay 13 14.3
Trumbull, Lucy 207   Garden Valley CA US Moore's Most Excellent Dude (Fergus) TWH/Arab G Buckskin 10 16.1
Tucker, Kassandra 208   Greenville CA US WT Diego (Diego) Arab G Bay 8 15.0
Upton, Linda 209   Glen Ellen CA US Jamal BL Jamal (H38696) Arab G Bay 11 15.1
Waitte, Jennifer 211   Yountville CA US M Dash Czoe (Zoe) Arab M Grey 8 15.0
Walters, David 212   Auburn CA US HR ONFIRE (Fire) Arab G Bay 6 15.0
Warhol, Nick 213   Hayward CA US Forever Dawn GA (Donnie) Arab G Grey 15 14.3
Wehrman, Rita 215   Fall Creek OR US KF Miss Vanitee (Ana) NSH/SB/Arab M Bay 12 15.2
Weldin, Robert 216   Pilot Hill CA US Desert Storm Rabbit Arab G Grey 10 15.0
White, Barbara 217   Scotts Valley CA US Canadian Brook (Brook) Half Arab M Chestnut 12 15.1
White, Julie 31   Williamstown   Australia RT Johanna Arab M Chestnut 0 15.0
Willhite, Shelby 218   Rocklin CA US Zoie KnightstarNar (Zoie) Friesian X M Black 9 16.0
Williams, Kelly 219   Folsom CA US Cabernet Bay (Vinnie) Arab G Bay 15 15.2
Wilson, Jane 220   Creston CA US Valentine Mine (B.D.) Arab M Grey 9 15.3
Wimberg, Sharon 221   Pilot Hill CA US Airborne Arab G Bay 12 15.1
Wolfe, Anna 222   DesMoines NM US Que Fantastica (Fanny) Arab M Grey 13 14.4
Wooster, Carol 223   Eureka CA US McNeely Cindy (Shelby) Arab M Bay 10 14.2
Worts, Janet 224   Warner Springs CA US GC Finese Arab G Bay 0 14.3
Wroblewski, Carrie 225   Orangevale CA US RGR Eligiance (Ollie) Arab G Bay 17 15.2
Yee, James 226   Fair Oaks CA US Ocala Lilly (Millie) Arab M Grey 10 15.2
Young, Cindy 227   Kennesaw GA US ALA Thor (Thor) Grade G Bay 0 15.2
Zvik, Kim 228   Kensington CA US Bandos Marquis (Cooper) Arab G Grey 17 14.3