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Western States Board of Governors

"The Tevis Cup: A Horsemen''s Journey Since 1955"

The Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation (WSTF) welcomes you to an endurance riding event of distinction, recognized as one of the world''s best tests of true horsemanship.

The Tevis Cup Ride is the founding modern-day equestrian event of...read more

Technology Meets the Tevis

NEW for 2016!


GPS tracking available for every rider

Check out the test run at Wild West  on Saturday, June 18th 


$40 fee per rider

More Information here

Become a 2016 Signature Rider!

We wish to thank those riders who have signed up this year as signature riders. We would like to encourage others to do so also. We know you do it for love of the trail and to help support the ongoing  preservation of it. We have a wonderful signature rider package this year due to many generous donations with a retail value of over a thousand dollars. We are also privileged to have Pat Stoddard Aragon do a head portrait of each signature rider’s horse.

A little about Pat: She has spent a lifetime of painting, drawing and living ‘anything western’. Pat’s equine portraits hang in homes all across the U.S.A. and as far away as England. Horses are her favorite subject. She works in the pastel medium most often because it lends itself so well to the animal’s softness and expression, but she is very adept at portraying her animal subjects in  oils, pencil or colored pencil or watercolor. She has professionally handled commissions for animal portraits for over 30 years. She will be doing a 12”x16”  image in pastel or pencil for our signature riders. we are very excited about this as she has a history of working with a legendary Tevis rider! Thank you Pat.

 Arab charcoal  Tevis005 copy  Tevis Art

CalStar    Cal Star Brochure Cal Star Membership Form

When you are injured and minutes are critical, CALSTAR (California Shock Trauma Air Rescue) your local non-profit, community service, air ambulance is there to provide rapid air transport and life saving medical care. Medical research has shown that critical patients, who receive trauma treatment within the "golden hour" of an accident, have greater chances of survival, increased recovery and shorter hospital stays. CALSTAR delivers critical patients by helicopter to the closest appropriate trauma hospital, with in flight patient care provided by two certified Critical Care Nurses. All CALSTAR pilots have a minimum of 3,000 flying hours and have the experience to fly and land in remote areas.


ECAHS Awards Tevis Cup Entry Form Sm 
The Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society is recognizing the first to finish Crabbet bred Arabian horse in the 2016 Tevis. Applications are available here, and horses must be per-entered and pre-qualified with ECAHS to be eligible. Please inquire with Buzz Moore at fairfieldfarm@verizon.net for more information





With escrow closed, 10,000-acre purchase area near Granite Chief Wilderness opens to public, preserving Tevis and Western States events on historic Western States Trail

AUBURN, Calif. – A year-long fundraising and negotiating effort to help the American River Conservancy purchase a strategically vital 10,000-acre parcel for public use has been completed, the Western States Trail Foundation and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation announced on Tuesday. Escrow for the $11 million purchase of old-growth forest and mountain meadows near Granite Chief Wilderness and the Western States Trail closed late last week.

“Both of our boards are extremely pleased that this acquisition has been finalized,” Western States Trail Foundation president Tony Benedetti and Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation president John Trent said in a joint statement. “Opening the entire 100 miles of the Western States Trail to hikers, runners and equestrians has been one of the overriding goals of this effort. Now that this 10,000-acre area has been acquired by the ARC and is no longer a private holding, the public is the clear winner. Both the Tevis Cup 100-Mile Ride and the Western States 100-Mile Run will now have perpetual guaranteed access to the last privately-held section of the Western States Trail, ensuring no disruption for the future of either event. In addition, the acquisition now enables the United States Forest Service to complete its National Trail designation for the Western States Trail.”

The ARC, of Coloma, Calif., having partnered with Northern Sierra Partnership of Palo Alto, Calif., and the Nature Conservancy earlier this year, was able to reach its fundraising goal of $11 million in late July. Through fundraising and matching efforts of their own, the Western States Trail Foundation ($250,000) and the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run Foundation ($100,000) contributed to the ARC’s total.

“We are so appreciative for the generosity the Ride and Run communities have shown over the past year,” Benedetti and Trent said jointly. “Our stakeholders have recognized the importance of this project. They’ve stepped up to the plate with donations, and with their overwhelming support in making sure we were able to cross the finish line for this project. It’s been quite an effort over the past year to organize, to raise money, and to make sure that the interests of our stakeholders were well-represented throughout the entire process.”

The 10,000 acres, located immediately west of Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, Calif., had been previously owned by a timber investment firm. It includes 1,200 acres of mountain meadow and is considered a vital part of the State and Federal water delivery system to 23 million Californians. The area includes four “blue-ribbon” trout streams and three popular trails, including the hiking/running and equestrian trail used by the Tevis Cup and Western States 100 events, as well as the Picayune Valley Trail.

Western States Trail Foundation

Western States Endurance Run


Help Preserve the Historic Western States Trail

A primary mission of the Western States Trail Foundation is to preserve the historic route taken by Paiute and Washoe Indians, Gold Rush explorers, Comstock hopefuls, and Express Riders of the Wells Fargo and Adams Express Companies. Today this route provides us with rewards of exploration, challenge, accomplishment, wilderness, nature and a bolstering of spirit for horsemen, hikers and runners alike.

In 1996 the Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation determined the need to establish a permanent endowment fund to insure future funding of maintenance and improvements to the Western States Trail. Please take a moment to read our 2014 endowment brochure and please give what you can to help preserve the Western States Trail.


Financial AppealDonation Form

The Western States Trail Endowment Fund
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization

Technology Meets the Tevis

NEW for 2016!


  • GPS tracking available for every rider
  • Satellite map of the trail populated by dots - one for each tracked rider -will move along it in real time 
  • Crew will know location of horse and rider to be ready at checks
  • Users can hover over dots to identify riders and click in for specific information
  • Friends and family can track the ride remotely and see exactly how riders are doing

Check out the test run from Wild West on Saturday, June 18th 

$40 fee per rider


  • Tracking devices and instructions on how/where to mount will be handed out at Robie Park and MUST be returned at Auburn Fairgrounds.


  • Tracking devices are roughly the size of a pair of D-cell batteries and should be mounted prominently on the saddle. Can be placed in a saddle pack, as long as they are secure and on top of other items in the pack.

Additional questions? 
Please contact Jenni Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Message from the Ride Director Chuck Stalley

We have several new policies for 2016, and I will present them in this Eblast so that you may properly prepare.

IF NOT YOU, WHO? The first policy relates to cleaning up after the riders as they proceed through the ride.  Many riders spend a few days in Auburn at the Gold Country Fairgrounds and then go up to Robie to start the ride. The fairgrounds need to be cleared of trash and manure before you leave.  Many times that is done by the rider and has not been a big issue. The same attention to cleanup needs to be done when leaving the fairgrounds for the last time-- whenever that is.  Tools and dumpsters are provided by the ride for you to use.  It is the responsibility of the rider to leave a clean stall when finished.  If you delegate that chore to a crew person, please double check that it has been done. Fees and fines assessed against Tevis are becoming a significant item in the ride budget. We want to avoid increasing costs wherever we can; avoiding the payment of fines is an easy way to do that.

Our thirty-six mile vet check at Robinson Flat is a pristine high-mountain camp ground 364 days of the year.  WSTF is required by our USFS contract to remove all hay and debris from the grounds before we leave the area. We are requiring riders to leave the area clean by placing all manure and leftover hay in the bins provided. Vet Check management will be there to remind crews to take an extra few minutes sanitizing their crew area of debris and will expect cooperation. Volunteers are vital to the success of this event and have many responsibilities. Asking them to clean up after 180 horses and their support crews should not be one of them. This is how we lose these vital people from year to year. If you haul it in; haul it out. 

At Robie Equestrian Park, the protocol is to pick up or spread hay and manure. We understand that riders may station crews in advance of the ride, ie, you are at Robie Equestrian Park, but your crew members meet you for the first time at Robinson Flat or Foresthill. You must make sure your crew knows what is expected at each vet check even if those people cannot be at the preride briefing at Robie Park. Again, it is the rider's responsibility to inform their crews of the policies of the ride at each stop.

It is also a ride policy that riders and crew shall not save spaces ahead of time at Robie Equestrian Park or Foresthill.  Parking and crewing locations are strictly first come, first served. One of the reasons for this is that it is unfair for locals to have the advantage of setting up in advance. The Robie Foundation Board feels so strongly about this that they have written possible significant fines into our agreement to use the park. As a result, Tevis management has no room for negotiation on these issues with nonconforming riders.

Drop your vehicle on Thursday after 10 am at Foresthill Mill Site or Fridaybut do not set up your pop up shades until you arrive to crew at the site. 

If you need to leave you vehicle in Auburn in the Sacramento Street parking lot, you need to leave it at the far South end of the lot. Doing so allows the public to use the North end of the lot as they need to come and go more often.  Just a reminder that no horses are allowed in the Sacramento Street lot. Please unload them on the dirt through the participant's gate at the South end of the lot.

Now to shift gears somewhat. The blood draw at Robinson Flat will be only for research purposes this year. It is a blind study; you will get your results after the ride. This will allow the research veterinarians to continue their study and will only take a couple of minutes to draw your horse's blood, while waiting in line to see the control judge at Robinson Flat.

Pen Seeding System
The Pen 1and Pen 2 seeding system will be used again this year. The selections for pen one are made a few weeks before the ride based on the horse's ride record. The horse's record is the basis for the seeding-- not the horse and rider's record.  If you think your horse might qualify for Pen 1, please apply by the deadline. In most years, horses need to average a 20 to 25% placing to be allowed to start in Pen 1.  It is very challenging to meet the mathematical requirements to qualify.

Occasionally a rider will stop to help an injured rider or horse during the ride. This might cause the rider to fall behind the cutoff time at the next few stops. The ride committee is implementing a procedure that would allow the rider to make a request from a Head Volunteer or Cup Committee member for an allowance to exceed the cut off times at the next stop(s).  The HV or Cup Committee member needs to radio in to Net Control with details of the request. The Ride Director and the Head of the Cup Committee are the only people authorized to grant the request.

The Cup Committee member or HV who initiated the request will flag and sign the rider's card with the approval of a time extension.

The 5:15 AM finishing time will not be extended under any foreseeable circumstances. This year the cutoff time at Chicken Hawk/Piper Junction has been eliminated entirely.

This information is vital to the success of your Tevis experience as well as management's need to fulfill many agreements and restrictions communicated to us in our permits and contracts to conduct the event. We will continue to publish this information in multiple settings to be sure everyone gets the word. Please read your rider epacket, the rule book, the EBlasts, the Forum and the website for ways to share information with your support crews-the unsung heroes of your ride.

The Tevis ride is a rugged, historical adventure conducted in a 21 st century world. We look forward to seeing your earn your buckle and wish you all the best in your remaining weeks of training.


Happy Trails!

Chuck Stalley

Ride Director


Tevis Talks Clinton Anderson Flyer


Tevis Talks

- Featuring Clinton Anderson-

March 05, 2015

New venue at the recently renovated Old State Theatre!

No Host Bar
  Tickets Presale $40 at the Tevis Store
6:00 Mingle
  7:30 TevisTalks hosted by Matt Scribner
 985 Lincoln Way, Auburn, California