Count Down Has Begun! (June Newsletter)

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2018 7:06pm

Enter Before its Too Late!

The late fee for entering the 2018 Tevis is quickly approaching.  Be sure your ride entry arrives at the Tevis office on or before July 1, 2018 to enter without a late fee.   

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President’s Message

tonyHello Riders,

Just In case you didn’t know, Tevis is less than 60 days away. This is the time when the riders really start taking account.  They think, “Did I remember to schedule my last shoeing appointment, is my tack in good repair, does my horse have any rubs, did I over condition, did I under condition, do I do one more ride, am I fit enough, am I neurotic because I ask myself these questions?”. The reality is that the well prepared rider needs to ask themselves these questions and many more. Riders need to make the best decision they can with whatever information they have and then just relax. Tevis is an experience that is to be enjoyed. Know that not everything is going to go right, so adapt, and do the best you can. When you can adapt, things usually work out and you may find that you just earned yourself a(nother) Tevis buckle.

I have to thank the Board of Governors for another year of hard work and dedication. It is a labor of love for these BOG members without whom we would not have this ride. I also must thank the volunteers for all of their hard work on the days and weeks before and during the ride. They make the ride happen and with all the great help they give the riders providing food, drink, and encouragement, they make Tevis the great experience that all the riders remember. The same goes for the vets – they are wonderful in helping both the horses and riders during the day. Most of all, we have to thank the fantastic horses who meet this challenge called the Tevis.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Robie Equestion Park on July 28th and riding with you under a full moon. I will be the guy on the big grey. Say hello.

Tony Benedetti




Ride Director Message

chuckTevis season is in full swing. Riders out west are using the WS Trail for training and sending us many reports of conditions along the route. Most often we hear reports of a down tree or locations where brush is overgrowing the trail.  This is also the season for both the paid and volunteer trail crews to get to work list of tasks to be done annually on the trail.  By July 28th the trail will be in the best condition of the year in preparation for the ride. 

The Western States Endurance Run (WSER) is set for June 23rd, so please take that into consideration when planning a day on the trail.  I would encourage you to go to the Placer High School Stadium to watch the runners arrive—especially if you have not done this in the past.  Even after all these years of watching the run, it is impressive to see.  There are many similarities between the effects of the trail on the runner and on the Tevis horses who cover the 100 miles.  Blisters and rubs, eating and drinking and sun and heat are very common and similar for runners, riders, and horses.  If you ask a top performer in either event how they recommend solving these issues, the most common answer is “work it out ahead of time” and “don’t change anything on event day.”

Now is the time to experiment with minor changes, which might benefit your own ride on the big day.  Tevis vendors and sponsors have the products you most often need and many are experienced with using products and supplies on Tevis and can provide valuable advice. Riding the 2018 Tevis is definitely not like the old days. Technology and shared information is out there to help us, which brings me to our next topic. . .

Research and education are top priorities for the WS foundation.  It is our hope that each study we support and host will make equine distance riding safer for our equine partners.  Veterinarians from the University of Kentucky are conducting a study which will look for markers indicating inflammation in working horses.  It is a fascinating subject, and I encourage you to read all the details in this newsletter and join in the study.  The blood study is voluntary, and we strongly encourage you to sign up.  It is easy to register and results will be provided to you post ride from the study coordinators.  As always, our top priority is to insure that the study does not impede your ride and work with the researchers to plan for minimal intrusion into your forward progress.

Major events like the Tevis Cup help keep the horse industry alive and well. If there were no events, there would be far fewer horses being bred and used, opportunities for riders to improve their skills, and people accepting the challenge and strain of competition.

The Tevis committee does everything it can to make Tevis as safe and enjoyable as possible while maintaining the challenge of crossing the Sierra Nevada in 24 hours.

If you need:


  • Assistance with your entry, please email Jean Hixon ( ) at the Tevis office. She staffs the office on Tuesday of each week with increasing frequency the two weeks prior to the ride date.
  • Tevis rules, please email Roger Yohe ( ) serving as the head of the Cup Committee.
  • Stabling at the fairgrounds, please email Suzi Souza at
  • Volunteering on ride day, please email Sesi Catalano @
  • Tevis sponsorship, please email Denise Fissel at
  • Vendor information, please email Pam Stalley at
  • Tevis Store, go to the Tevis web site ( where you will be supporting the ride with your shopping dollars—remember to thank your support crews with Tevis merch!
  • Signature Rider or questions regarding this program, please email Linda Glazier at
  • International Rider questions (for riders as well as their sponsors) are also served by Linda Glazier.   If you are an international rider, please be sure to communicate to us who your host is so we may be in contact.  Linda does an outstanding job and would love to have your host’s information.
  • The ride in general please email me, Chuck Stalley at, as I am serving as the Ride Director.

From all of us at Tevis, we wish you safe and happy training.

Happy trails!
Chuck Stalley
2018 Ride Director



Air Med Care – Special Price!

Air Med Care’s reduced annual subscription opportunity is still available until July 28.  Riders, family members, volunteers, crew can take advantage of the reduced membership fee of $65. Outstanding value for our Tevis family the code word is TEVIS.  The link in on under the Ride tab.


News from the Trail

The trail committee has been hard at work making sure the trail will be in great shape for this year’s event. We really appreciate all of the rider feedback we have been getting on the trail and areas needing work. Thank you to all who have been sending in info.

The trail is open from Lyon Ridge to the finish at this time. Due to high river volumes it is not advised to cross the river at Poverty Bar until ride day/night when the flows will be controlled.

dardanelle creek
Repairs to Dardenelle's Creek to make the California Loop that much safer.



Recently the Dardanelle's creek crossing was repaired on the California loop. There will be trail work on Lyon Ridge June 25th-July 2. Our last targeted area is the Quarry trail. We hope to be able to restore the eroded sections along the quarry road as best as possible prior to this years ride. Please avoid this section during this time. 

Note that the Western States 100 mile run is June 23-24. Please respect the run and avoid training on the common WSER trails on that weekend. 

Nicole Chappell Wertz

Trail Committee Chair


Sundowner Welcomes Tevis Fans!

Stop by Sundowner Trailers in Auburn to check out their wide selection of new and used trailers! Mention this ad and receive a free Tevis trail map bandanna and keychain!!! 



NEW Tevis Research Study for 2018!

Mediators of inflammation in endurance horses attempting a 100-mile ride.

The planned dehydration study for 2018 had to be postponed due to a medical issue with one of the principal investigators.

The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine Research Center was waiting in the wings with an exciting study looking at mediators of inflammation in endurance horses. Thoroughbred race horses have been studied with findings that revealed the levels of these mediators correlated with levels of fitness and exertion. Drs. Page and Horohov from the University want to see what influence intense and prolonged exercise would have on the same markers. The study was approved for the 2018 Ride.

The study is entirely voluntary but the results will be shared with the riders after the ride and may provide valuable insight into a horse’s ability and success at endurance.blood tubes

The study involves blood draws at the vet-in at Robie Park, at Robinson Flat, Foresthill, and the finish. Pulled horses will be tested at the earliest time after their pull either at Robinson, Foresthill, or the Fairgrounds. Similar to the blood draws for electrolyte levels done over the past five years, the procedure should take less than a minute and cause no delay.

Riders will receive emails from the researchers, and they can register for the study on-line.

Research done at the Tevis Cup Ride has been crucial to the understanding of the physical and metabolic stresses put on these incredible athletes. It is part of our mission to allow and to fund on-going research that will better the lives of our equine partners.

We encourage your participation in this important study.

Jeff Herten

Vet Committee Chair


Be Signature!trail sign


Attention all riders!  Now is the time to upgrade and become a SIGNATURE RIDER!! This is our continuing effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders that would like to give back to the trail that means so much to us all! The $1,500 signature level entry fee includes your buckle upon successful completion of the ride as well as a swag bag of wonderful goodies. It also includes an $800 letter of donation for your tax records. Please see the entry online or sign up today. We already have 11 committed riders and our goal is 20.  Help us reach that and know that you are participating in preservation and improvement of the world famous TEVIS TRAIL !!!!!




Call for Volunteersvolunteers


Volunteers needed for Tevis 2018. No experience necessary.

To sign up, go to and click on "How to Help”.  Fill out the Volunteer Sign Up form to reserve your official 2108 Tevis Volunteer t-shirt!!  






Tevis Family Fun Ride Recap

'This feels like summer camp!' The Tevis Fun riders enjoyed perfect Spring weather, the Tevis trail smothered in flowers, great food, and friends both old and new. Thank you Bill Gore for capturing so many stunning memories for our riders.

fun ride
Victoria Ordway and Barbara White at the 2018 Tevis Family Fun Ride. 
Photo courtesy Bill Gore.

A very special thanks to the Gold Country Endurance Riders who provided the Uber service to transport riders and their horses back to camp from Driver's Flat. All the riders appreciated your service that saved them having to break camp and move their rig.

Saturday breakfast and lunch was delicious! Big THANKS go to the team at Guerrilla Catering. Outdoor movie night is definitely a keeper. Thank you Lora Wereb for tenaciously working with me through all the technical challenges of both the movie equipment AND the popcorn machine. We won!! Once again the team at Echo Valley Ranch generously saw to the needs of the horses by donating an abundance of water troughs and hay. Thank you, Greg and Tammy!

On Sunday Kelly Williams gave an excellent Introduction to Endurance Riding Clinic to 20+ Pony Club members. Plus, a few of us old fogies chimed in now and again. It was a lot of fun! Thank you Kelly.

The Tevis Fun Ride was a success because so many members of the Tevis 'family' took time out from their busy lives to share their love of the trail and our sport with others.

Next up? The 2019 Tevis Educational Ride. SAVE THE DATE! June 7 - 9. Tevis is early next year - July 13th.



Auburn City Hall Art Discplay Commemorates The Tevisauburn

During the month of July, the city of Auburn is commemorating the Tevis Cup Ride in Auburn City Hall's Art Gallery. The ride's most prestigious awards will be on display along with photography and artwork showcasing local artists and the Tevis trail traversing the Sierras and the American River Canyons. Auburn City Hall is located at 1225 Lincoln Way. You are invited to visit the gallery Monday - Friday 8 - 5 and during special hours Tevis weekend, Saturday 10 - 2 pm and Sunday TBD.

PS: The gallery is air-conditioned!