2017 Tevis Educational Ride

July 7 - July 9

Knowledge + Experience = Success


***Day 1- 10 mile ride combined with Day 2- 28 mile ride is accepting entries until July 1st***


Friday - July 7

Noon: Camp open to participants

          Check in begins- at ride 'office'

          Tevis store Open. Reactor Panel/Tevis Entry raffle ticket sales!

          Maria's Mexican Tacos Open- VISA and MASTERCARD accepted

2pm: Lori McIntosh - "Your horse is an athlete, treat yourself like one too'

3pm: Vet In begins - Jen Mather DVM, Head Veterinarian

          All Volunteers meeting: finalize jobs, distribute supplies

4pm: Mentor meeting

5pm: Mentor/ rider meet and greet. Finalize transport to start

6pm: Susan Garlinghouse DVM - Feeding and electrolytes for 100's

7pm: Official Ride meeting - Tony and Lori, Thank you's and Intro's

         Jen Mather DVM talk on vet check flow, safety, and etiquette

7:30  Maria's Mexican Tacos Closes


Saturday, July 8

6:15 Deadwood VC volunteers depart base camp. Road safety monitors leave for their stations

6:20 First shuttle leaves camp for Mumford bar. About a one hour round  trip for the driver. Mumford Bar circle will allow 6 - 7 rigs at a time.

7 - 8:30 am riders leaving Mumford Bar Start with mentors

8:30 first riders arrive at Deadwood VC

8:30  am Shorter ride leaves for Michigan Bluff

11 am: Last riders arrive at Deadwood VC

11 am: First riders into Chicken Hawk

12:30ish: First long riders finish and short ride finishes

1:30: Speakers for Short 10 mile ride participants, and others

         Redmond Salt http://www.redmondequine.com/

         Kirk Adkins - Equithotics aka Sneakers http://www.equithotics.com/

         Tom Mayes - Integrated Equine Therapies http://tommayes.net/

         Ann Hall - Crewing Tevis - back by popular demand!

4 pm: Last riders leave Chicken Hawk

5 pm: Last riders into finish- fingers crossed!

5 pm: Barbecue begins

6 pm: Preride meeting for Sunday's ride

6:30 - ? pm: Speaker Panel Q&A with 2000+ mile Tevis Buckle riders: Barbara White, Hal Hall, Kathie Perry, Pat Chapell, Potato Richardson, and Lori Stewart.  Jeff Herten, 1000 mile Tevis Buckle rider will moderate


Sunday, July 9

6:30 First riders leave Foresthill

7:30 Last riders leave

9:30 First riders arrive Francisco's VC

10:30 First riders arrive lower Drivers Flat water stop

11:30 Last riders arrive Francisco's

1:00 First riders arrive at finish of Day 2 upper Drivers Flat parking

1:30 Last riders arrive at lower Drivers Flat water stop

        First riders arrive back in camp Foresthill

3:30 Last riders finish Day 2 upper Drivers Flat parking

4:30 Post event debrief Q&A, Awards and Tevis Entry Raffle drawing

Keep in mind - Life is what happens while you're making other plans...



Attached are the trail maps for the Tevis Educational Ride. A huge Thank you to Lucy Trumbull for creating these for the event. 






We are really excited and want to share the program we've put together for the shorter day 1 ride to Michigan Bluff and back. It is a full value option with an easier more relaxed start to the weekend. The ride distance is a little over 10 miles and traverses Volcano Canyon (twice). An instructional vet check is planned for Chicken Hawk (aka Pieper's Junction). Plus there's a short stop in Michigan Bluff to water the horses and learn about Michigan Bluff's colorful history.

Once back in Foresthill there will be time to settle your horse and get refreshments for yourself before the seminar begins. This seminar is offered to the shorter ride group only: Ann Hall will talk about the special challenges of crewing Tevis. Tom Mayes will demonstrate the value of Integrated Equine Therapies. A Redmond Salt representative will explain the critical role salt plays in the equine athlete. Lori Stewart and Terryl Reed will talk about Tevis specific conditioning and mental preparation for the horse and rider.

The shorter day 1 option is a smart alternative, especially when combined with the second day's mentored ride to Auburn. Day 2 is 32 miles and takes in the river crossing and No Hands Bridge. The day's ride concludes with my personal favorite moment - when you round that final switch back and climb the slope into the lights and cheers of the FINISH. Whew… gave myself goose bumps!

Riders will receive 100 miles of Tevis qualification credit if they complete both the shorter day 1 ride, the day 2 ride, and attend the required seminars.

Those of you on the day 1 long ride wait list please let us know if, as a backup, you want to ride the shorter day 1 ride. If you are entered in the day 1 long ride and decide to ride the day 1 shorter ride please let us know. Email the office at wstf@tevis.org Thanks!

Stay tuned for complete information about the Saturday evening speaker panel planned along with the delicious barbecue...


As of 1/29/2017
The Day 1 ride from Robinson Flat to Foresthill has filled.
However we will keep a waiting list. History has shown that many riders already entered will need to cancel. We will not process payment unless the rider on the wait list gets in or the rider says, if need be, they will ride the Day 1 shorter distance followed by talks just for this group on crewing and conditioning for Tevis, body work, and electrolytes. 
Please note: Our entries are NOT limited Day 2 - Foresthill to Auburn - 32 miles. 
It's still early. Enter the Tevis Educational Ride. You'll be glad you did!!

From the Educational Ride, Ride Manager.


WELCOME!! The Tevis Board of Governors is excited to once again host the biannual Tevis Educational Ride. Like the Tevis Fun Ride, held on off years, we promise you plenty of fun. Plus you will have the opportunity to ride the Tevis trail for two days instead of just one. Our goal is to send you home with your head swimming with new information, insight, and a love for the Tevis trail that will captivate you for the rest of your life. Let's get started.

Base camp for the Educational Ride is located at the old mill site just above Foresthill at the corner of Foresthill Rd and Bath Rd. There will be flagging and signs at the entrance to camp. Participants and volunteers are welcome to arrive beginning Friday morning.

Early arrivals can make arrangements through the Tevis office to camp in the North Lot next to the Tevis finish line at the Auburn overlook.

The Ride:

July 7, Friday - Beginning around 3:00 PM - Pre ride Veterinary Exam begins. A welcome orientation and introduction to your mentors will follow. Head veterinarian, Jen Mather DVM, will talk about veterinary issues related to Tevis  and how to correctly and safely navigate the vet checks.

July 8, Saturday - Riders will have two options. Option 1-A mentored ride from Robinson's Flat to Foresthill, 30+ miles that includes the iconic canyons and three vet checks. For safety reasons a horse must demonstrate a minimal level of fitness by completing 50 AERC miles, limited distance or endurance between January 1 and June 27, 2017  Option 2 - A mentored ride from Foresthill to Michigan Bluff and back (about 10 miles) followed by talks on crewing Tevis and conditioning for Tevis.

Saturday's ride will be followed by a yummy barbecue dinner and a Q&A panel of very experienced Tevis riders each with 10 to 30+ completions. You are invited to email questions to Jeff Herten, moderator, in advance at rjhmd@aol.com . Plenty of questions will also come to mind during your first day's ride.

July 9, Sunday - A mentored ride from Foresthill to the Tevis finish line in Auburn, 30+ miles that includes the river crossing and two vet checks. A very fit horse and rider are important. However no proof of fitness is required. This section is not as extreme and there are several places to access the trail if a horse or rider gets into trouble. Note: A different horse can be used each day.

This year's Educational Ride will conclude and awards will be presented at the finish in Auburn.

The Details:

Entries are limited to 60 participants on Day 1 for the mentored ride from Robinson's Flat to Foresthill. After the ride fills we will keep a waiting list.

Riders must make their own shuttle arrangements. Please either provide your own driver or arrange to share trailer space with another rider. A Tevis Facebook group has been set up to facilitate communication and trailer pooling of horses to the start at Robinson's on Day 1. We will try to arrange for a few locals with trailers to help with transport. If you are on Facebook you will be automatically added to the group.

Experienced Tevis Mentors will guide participants over the trail each day. Our goal is one mentor per two or three riders.

A Master's division is offered once again to experienced Tevis riders who wish to preride the trail without a mentor. It's by far the safest way to preride the trail.

Mileage credit to help you qualify for Tevis of 75 miles each day completed will be awarded. Riders who complete the shorter Day 1 ride AND the Day 2 ride to Auburn will receive 100 miles of credit. These are NOT AERC miles. To receive mileage credit riders must also attend all talks and demonstrations.

Out of state riders, please make you own arrangements to borrow or lease a horse for the event. The Tevis webpage, Rider Resources Link, may be the best place for you to start.

Volunteers are welcome and appreciated. All talks and the barbecue are free for volunteers. Volunteers are welcome to camp on site. Volunteer assignments will match a volunteer's preferences. Volunteers can be added to the Facebook group.

A raffle is planned with a grand prize of an entry in the 2017 or 2018 Tevis, winner's choice. Many other great prizes are planned. Winners will be drawn during the Saturday evening barbecue.

All proceeds from this years event will help maintain the Western States Trail!

Questions? Please email Lori Stewart, event manager, at lpurdum1@gmail.com


Knowledge + Experience = Success!!   So…..Ride, Really Ride!…..


The Educational Ride entry can be found here.