Join us for the Annual Tevis Holiday Celebration!

When:    Saturday, December 13, 2014

Time:   5:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Where:  Elks Lodge, 195 Pine St., Auburn

$40/person Includes:    Full Bar ~ Dinner Buffet ~ Dessert

 Raffle: 2015 ride entries including Tevis

Dress to impress in your vintage Western Wear

Music and dancing to follow dinner  

Please RSVP by 12/10/14 with checks payable to WSTF

150 A Gum Lane, Auburn, CA 95603

After 12/10/14 call the WSTF Office at 530.823.7282 and bring payment to the party.


2015 Tevis entries will soon be available!


Help us preserve the historic Western States Trail

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A primary mission of the Western States Trail Foundation is to preserve the historic route taken by Paiute and Washoe Indians, Gold Rush explorers, Comstock hopefuls, and Express Riders of the Wells Fargo and Adams Express Companies. Today this route provides us with rewards of exploration, challenge, accomplishment, wilderness, nature and a bolstering of spirit for horsemen, hikers and runners alike.

In 1996 the Board of Governors of the Western States Trail Foundation determined the need to establish a permanent endowment fund to insure future funding of maintenance and improvements to the Western States Trail.  Please take a moment to read our 2014 endowment brochure and please give what you can to help preserve the Western States Trail.


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from The Western States Trail Guide
Historical Notes by Hal V. Hall

The Quarry Vetcheck is held in an open area along the railbed of the old Mountain Quarries narrow gauge railroad. The rail bed follows along the river on the lower edge of a limestone quarry that has been in operation since the late 1800's. Upon departing the vetcheck, riders continue along the course of the old rail line, crossing Highway 49 and then No Hands Bridge, historically known as the Mountain Quarries Bridge.

This vetcheck location is often refered to as the "Lower Quarry," since in many Ride years, and as recently as 1996, the ride course has taken a somewhat different course. In those cases, the vetcheck was held in a truck weighstation yard in the "Upper Quarry" area, immediately beside Highway 49, about two miles from the town of Cool. After crossing the road, the trail winds along well uphill of the highway, rejoining the lower route just before No Hands Bridge.

The Quarry Vetcheck is NOT open to crews. The Ride provides water and feed for the horses and refreshments for the riders. In the event that a horse is pulled, the railroad bed provides trailer access to Highway 49.