Spring is Here - Let the Training Begin!

Posted Monday, April 8, 2019 8:04pm


In case you missed it,

the 2019 Tevis Cup ride date has changed to August 17, 2019!


President’s Message



Have you heard there is a lot of snow in the Sierras this year?

Three times Tevis has changed its start because of snow; 1983, 2011, and 2017. Two times the start was moved to Soda Springs and one time, in 2011, the start was moved to October. This ride was planned to start in Robie Equestrian Park, but due to a freakish early and heavy snow on that October date, the start was moved to Auburn.

I believe that the original dates for each of these rides were in July. This year, 2019, the ride was scheduled for July 20th. As the snow started to fly, and accumulate, we decided to be prudent and move the date to August 17, four weeks later. This decision was made in an abundance of caution but may end up being absolutely necessary to give the snow time to melt.  I believe that this is the second latest date the ride has ever been held and we expect that the snow should not be a problem given the late event date. Fingers crossed.

I know that many riders are anxious because of all the rain in California this year and your ability to have your horses fit for Tevis. In my experience, watching riders prepare their horses for Tevis, especially a late Tevis, is that many horses are not completely sound and maybe a bit tired from the training. Count your days and weeks and plan and train accordingly. You don’t need to have your horse fit to do Tevis in May, or June, or even July. You need to have your horse fit in the second half of August, so relax, and take your time. Your horse will be fit.

Good luck in training. I hope to see you on the starting line in Robie Equestrian Park on August 17th. 

Tony Benedetti

WSTF President


Ride Director's Message

chuckOld man winter blasted us again in 2018-19, and I am sitting here looking east to very snow covered mountains.  Spring is arriving ever so slowly and that snow just keeps building rather than melting.  As a result, the 2019 Tevis has been pushed out a month to August 17.  However, the weather can change at any time, and we are looking forward to some warm weather to help us out.  As of now, it looks like our trail will be “traditional.”  We will ride from Robie Park to Auburn. 

You are encouraged to participate in trail work days and help WSTF/ WSER trail groups get the trail ready for the 64th running of the Tevis Cup.  The joint WSTF and WSER trail committee has scheduled work days between now and the end of June, and we welcome your participation on the trail teams.  You would need to go to WSTrail.org and click on the “sign up---be a trail volunteer” tab. No matter your conditioning or skill level you will be welcome to join and participate.  Everyone learns something they did not know when they work on trail days.

Many times foreign riders lease local horses to make the 100 mile ride.  If you are interested in that program, please notify the office, and someone will get back to you with updates and options. We have a link on the Tevis website.  Just click on the “links” tab, and you will find “Rider Resources.” You can contact Linda Glazier who will help you by posting that you are interested in a horse or you have a horse to lease. The sooner you monitor that site, the better your chances of getting a good match with your goals. As always, you are encouraged to look up the AERC horse record for the horse you are considering leasing to verify the strength of the horse’s finishing record.

As of now, we are planning to stay with the new location for the first full vet check at Red Star. The layout there handles the large crowd that comes through early in the race. Many positive comments were heard from the 2017 & 2018 riders about the ease of the traffic flow getting through this location.  I would like to welcome John Catts of Western States Endurance Run (WSER) fame to the Head Volunteer team.  John will be heading up the crew at Red Star this year and will be joined by a few of his running buddies to get the job done.

This is also the time of year for vendors and sponsors to sign up to participate at Robie Park, Foresthill, and/or Auburn.  Information about these two programs are also on the website.  If you have questions about the vendor program, you can email Pam Stalley at pstalley@yahoo.com or for sponsors please contact Pam Bailie at pbailieequestrian@gmail.com.

I often get asked the question, "How many 50-mile rides should I do with my horse in the year I want to complete Tevis."  I have heard Tevis Veterinarian Jamie Kerr recommend, that in a perfect year, you want to finish three 50s before Tevis.  In a year with warm dry weather, we see success from horses in that type of program.  However, this year has been extremely wet all over the state of California and many of us are way behind in getting our horses out to train nevertheless getting them to a competition.  Just be patient and careful as you cannot make up for lost time by just going faster.  Ride long and slow for success at Tevis.

I would like to acknowledge Brad Weston (of API Printing and Marketing) for heading up the 2019 horse transport team.  Brad has lots of experience with the Tevis ride having served at Lower Quarry for the past several years.   He’ll do a fine job getting those horses to safety if they need a trailer to Auburn.  We are excited to have him in this critical spot as he has great skills in this area.

Happy Training,

Chuck Stalley

2019 Tevis Ride Director



Consider Being a Signature Rider

In 2013, Barbara White wrote an article outlining the inaugural Signature Rider. In it she outlined the perks of being a signature rider, but more importantly she reminded us of the role Tevis has played as the sport of endurance matured. She talked about the increasing costs of maintaining the trail and the cost of putting on the Tevis ride itself.

The Tevis is a life time bucket list item for many and an annual event for others.  It is rare among sporting events because the rules and the trail challenge are the same for all, whether male or female, 12 years old or 80 years old, professional or amateur, those scraping by or the 1%.  The journey starts long before the starting line, and the finish is unforgettable and, sometimes, even life-changing for every rider.

The Signature Entry is an opportunity for those who can afford it to contribute to the financial needs of the Western States Trail Foundation by purchasing a Signature Entry for $1500. This includes an $800 tax deduction. You are purchasing a Signature Entry not for recognition, or for whatever gift is in the Signature bag, but because Tevis is on your bucket list, or it is a treasured annual event for you, or perhaps it helps your horse business.  Whatever your reason, the Signature Entry allows WSTF to continue to present an annual world class equestrian competition for people from all backgrounds and circumstances.

 If you can afford it, please financially support the Tevis by being a Signature Rider.


NEW WSER/WSTF Volunteer Steward Program

The Western States Endurance Run Foundation (WSERF) and WSTF in partnership with the American River Ranger District, the Truckee Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA), wish to announce the creation and implementation of a new model to maintain and improve the trail(s) used by both events.  trail

Modeled after successful approaches used to maintain the Pacific Crest Trail and Tahoe Rim Trail, the new Volunteer Steward Program will rely on relatively small, well-trained and highly committed groups of volunteers to maintain and improve the Western States and Tevis Trail system.

Read more about the program and find out how you can be part of this elite group of volunteers.





Tevis Needs You!



Horse Transport Drivers Needed

Do you have at least a ¾ ton pickup and a safe horse trailer?  Want to give rides to pulled horses at the Tevis Cup ride on August 17th, 2019?

You can work one stop or as many as you’d like. Fuel reimbursement and shavings provided.

Sign up here!



No trailer? No problem.  Simply fill out the volunteer sign up form -we have plenty of opportunities for volunteers, no experience or special equipment required!




Drupal Volunteer Wanted – We’re looking for a tech-volunteer who can help us with the Teviscup.org website – specifically, someone who is comfortable working with Drupal, the content management system which drives the website.

If you are interested, please contact Jenni Smith at jlsmith1111@yahoo.com for more info.




Educational Ride – There is Still Room!

Reminder – the Educational Ride has been postponed to July 12-14th. 

Come and enjoy two days of mentored riding on the historic Western States Trail – the Education Ride will take you from the Robinson Flat vet check to the Francisco's vet check.  Evening entertainment will include wonderful educational programs.

Hurry – a few spots are still available!   More info here.



Tevis Store at Horse Expo – NEW Date and Location

This year, the Western States Horse Expo will be held at Murieta Equestrian Center in Sacramento, California on  May 9-12th. 

The Tevis Store will be there - open Thursday 12:00-7:00, Friday & Saturday 9:00-6:00 and Sunday 9:00-5:00.  

Stop by support the trail through the Tevis Store!