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161 riders (12 juniors) representing 7 countries participated in the July 20-21, 2013 event.
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“Gate” = when criteria reached, present horse. Criteria must be met within 30 min. of arrival ++After cut off Riders must leave 10 min. after vetting (1) Limit of one vehicle per rider; pass required. (2) Crews allowed, but not recommended. (3) Park short of Chicken Hawk Road and walk down to Michigan. (4) Walk in from Chicken Hawk Road. (5) This mandatory vet exam, between 1 & 2 hours after official timed finish, does not affect finish status; vets want to assure themselves that all horses are okay. Haggin Cup exams are held on Sunday at 10:00am - First Ten Horses MUST remain at the Fairgrounds (See Rule 11)


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